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Porting and Polishing Kits from CC Specialty Tools
cylinder porting and polishing kit Porting and Polishing Kits

To purchase from a list of all Porting and Polishing kits offered by CC Specialty Tools, including cylinder head kits, porting abrasive kits, 2 stroke porting kits, rubber abrasive kits, cross buff abrasive kits, 220 / 230 / 240 volt motor kits and many other porting kits click this link:
All Porting and Polishing Kits

To purchase Porting Kits specially designed for 2 stroke cylinders, 2T cylinders, 2C cylinders use the link below. CC Specialty Tools 2 stroke kits include 90 degree rotary tools for 2 stroke transfer ports and working from the inside of the cylinder combustion chamber. Right angle porting tools are necessary to properly modify transfer port height and all modifications to the port window.
Porting and Polishing Kits for 2 Stroke Cylinders.

Follow this link for all 2 Stroke Porting and Polishing Kits:
2 Stroke Kits

For 2 stroke porting kits made for larger displacement 2 stroke cylinders, 125cc to 500cc and larger:
# 10 Porting and Polishing Kit includes 1MC right angle 90 degree porting tool, and TXMC Motor, along with all accessories and carbide burrs required.

# 9 Porting and Polishing Kit
includes 1MC right angle porting tool and TXMC motor, carbide burrs included.

SR10 Porting Kit A porting kit with the 1MC and all the equipment of the #10 Kit, except a SRMC Motor, with reverse, and a Lower Price.


Smaller Displacement 2 stroke, 2C, 2T cylinders in the 30cc to 125cc range (can be used in all larger cylinders also):
1082SR Porting Kit Same accessories as the # 10cc Kit, except with a 182AMC right angle porting tool and SRMC motor with forward and reverse. This is one the best "all around" kits. The 1082SR kit can be used in 30 cc and larger cylinders, and comes with all the accessories and equipment you need to do chainsaws, dirt bikes, kart racers, jet ski, outboard motors, snowmobile, quad racer, 2 stroke scooter, and even 4 stroke engines.

15SR Porting Kit is the best selling basic kit for smaller 2 stroke engines. The 15SR Kit is suitable for 30cc and larger 2 stroke cylinders. The kit includes flex shaft SRMC Porting motor and speed control, 1082AMC right angle rotary tool for transfer ports, 44MC straight rotary tool, and 2 tungsten carbide burrs.

14SR Porting Kit is the same kit as the 15SR Porting Kit, except with the 28MC slim profile straight rotary tool and 3 of the 1/8" shank burrs. This kit is specifically made for smaller displacement cylinders found in chainsaws, 2 stroke mini bikes, 2 stroke scooters, 2 stroke RC race cars, race boats, airplanes and all other 100cc and smaller 2 stroke cylinders.


Porting Kits designed more for 4 Stroke Cylinder Heads, Intakes, manifolds, valve bowls, intake tunnels and runners:
These kits have a the powerful flex shaft TXMC and SRMC motors that have full torque at any rpm. These porting kits have heavy duty rotary hand tools that can handle larger tungsten carbide burrs.

# 20 Porting Kit Complete porting kit for 4 stroke cylinder heads, intakes, manifolds, valve bowls, and intake tunnels. This kit come with everything you need to get started. Powerful TXMC flex shaft motor and full metal foot pedal speed control, 44MC rotary tool that can handle 1/4" shank burrs, (and 1/8", 3/32" shank burrs if needed). Abrasive supplies, mandrels, polishing buffs, rubber abrasives, sanding rolls, all included.

D2MC Large Displacement Engine Porting Kit This cylinder head porting kit comes with the heavy duty 2MC that can handle heavy loading and close tolerances. Kit includes 2 extended reach, long shank carbide burrs, and a long shank mandrel for sanding drums. This is the most popular kit for tuners that bore and port drag race engines, cylinder heads, intakes and manifolds that require a lot of metal to be removed to enlarge the intake and exhaust tunnels. This kit uses the powerful TXMC with 1/2 hp peak, and full torque at any rpm.

D44MC Porting Kit The same kit as the D2MC porting kit except with the 44MC straight rotary hand tool and a lower price. The 44MC is able to use 1/4" shank burrs, 1/8" shank burrs, 3/32" shank burrs, 3mm, and 6mm. Very versatile Kit.

D44SRMC Kit This is a great intermediate kit for porting and polishing cylinder heads, intakes, and valve bowls on 4 strokes. The kit includes the SRMC flex shaft motor with full metal foot control that also has forward and reverse. The 44MC is the straight rotary tool. Sandpaper roll mandrel included.

Bare Bones Basic Starter Kit
This is a great starter kit. Ready to port cylinders right out of the box. The kit includes 44MC rotary hand tool, SRMC motor with full metal case and speed control, and 2 carbide burrs!