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Preparation for Polishing
polishing buff


CC Specialty Tools: TIP5



(TJ recommends this step for the exhaust ports)

This stage is for removal of all scratches and imperfections. This can be done also with many different tools. Sequence of steps will vary with different metals. Tools that may be used: fine grit stones, rubber abrasives (3 different grits), spiral rolls, fine emery in slotted mandrel, felt buffs with polishing compound (available in different grits), steel wool in slotted mandrel, strips of cotton cloth in 3/4" strips in slotted mandrel, used in compound. You don't need all of these, just pick the ones that work best for you. I like rubber abrasive first (generally - not always). Turn rubber abrasive slower; you will get more work done and use less materials. In conjunction with rubber abrasives, I use felt buffs (in small areas) or a slotted mandrel with a piece of cotton torn in strips, using rubbing compound for abrasive. Turn at moderate speed and apply quite a bit of pressure. Be careful not to dig the end of the mandrels or other tools into the surface (keeping cloth out over end of slotted mandrel). When all scratches are removed you are ready to polish if you desire.

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2 stroke exhaust port polishing

Polishing and Abrasive supplies