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Final Polish
polishing 2 stroke exhaust port


CC Specialty Tools: TIP6


FINAL POLISH (exhaust ports)

(TJ recommends this for the exhaust ports and putting a textured finish on the intake ports)

This is the easy part, providing you have prepared your surface. Tools needed: felt buffs (in small areas), slotted mandrel with strips of cotton cloth, and Polishing compounds. Generally, all of us try to polish too fast. You can get better shine by turning slower, 1500-5000 approximately, (determined by diameter of tool used). Get a dab of polishing compound (small amount) and smear it in the port to be polished. Usually go ahead and buff this until it is smooth before using more. Turn slowly, apply moderate pressure and you will get a beautiful shine. Hope these tips will be of help to you.

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2 stroke exhaust port polishing